New promotion of the BarcelonaRX! If you are one of those who once said “I would like to complete a lap on the track…” now is your chance! We take away three people – who can come up with a companion – to complete a lap at the Rallycross circuit in BarcelonaRX. We will give a tour so you can live how it feels when you are in the Barcelona track.

Like the idea? Here we explain how to participate!

How to participate: Share the I’M RX photo with the hashtag #BarcelonaRX on your social networks, whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also use it as a profile picture or header (accompanied by #BarcelonaRX). Remember that if your publication is private it will not be displayed on the search for #BarcelonaRX.

Deadline: shared photos will be valid between 11 and 31 July.

Raffle: A raffle will be held among all who have shared the photo with #BarcelonaRX and have ticket to live BarcelonaRX (valid for the raffle all tickets purchased until 31 July inclusive. If you don’t have it yet, you can get it here: TICKETS). The winner be announced at www.catalunyarx.com .

Prize: There will be a total of three winners who will come accompanied by one person. We take you to complete a lap around the BarcelonaRX track, a unique experience only available to few!

Share the image and participate in the raffle! Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep upadeted with all the latest BarcelonaRX news!



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