What’s new for 2016? - CatalunyaRX FIA World Rallycross

A number of changes have been implemented ahead of the new World RX season, with the main ones listed below.


The four timed qualifying rounds, previously known as heats, that determine each driver’s position at the Intermediate Classification will now be called Qualifying, to fall in line with other FIA World Championships. The four rounds will be called Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 for 2016.

World RX and Euro RX separate further

As it has for the last two seasons, the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Supercar will run at five of the European-based World RX events. However in 2016, World RX and Euro RX competitors will race separately in the qualifying stages, adding to the existing split in the semi-finals and finals.  This change means that drivers will compete directly against their closest rivals in the same Championship. Euro RX will join World RX at events in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Barcelona and the new event in Latvia.

Technical changes

Cars competing in the FIA World Rallycross Championship will have to run an ECU and software homologated by the FIA for the first time in 2016. A number of manufacturers have homologated ECUs and software with the FIA, again falling in line with other FIA World Championships. The move allows the governing body to ensure that teams are using only homologated equipment, ruling out the potential for torque control or traction control to be used.

Starting method

To improve continuity in the starting method across events and help reduce the chance of false starts, the starting system will be the same at all events and the ‘Ready to Race’ board has been replaced by an illuminated ‘Ready to Race’ sign that is incorporated with the start lights. The race starter will no longer determine when the green light is switched on, instead they will simply start an automated system that will display the ‘Ready to Race’ sign for four seconds before a 1.5 second period with no lights and then a random period between zero and two seconds before the green starting light appears.