Últimas noticias del Dakar 2020 y Kevin Hansen habla
Latest news from the Dakar 2020 and Kevin Hansen talks about the electric future of the RX.

The Dakar 2020 is being one of the most followed in history in Spain due to the great participation of motor stars in the dune of Arabia, but we want to start the news by paying tribute to the Portuguese pilot Paulo Gonçalves who left his life in the seventh Raid stage after a fall at km 263. Everything and the rapid action by the emergency services could not do anything to save his life. R.I.P. Paul!

The joy is enormous when you cross the finish line and you are among the best ”(Fernando Alonso).

The center of all eyes in this edition of the Dakar is none other than Fernando Alonso, the Asturian rider is adapting quickly to the dunes and is already rubbing shoulders with the favorites in the fight for the stages.
Fernando is going from less to more in the raid and has already touched the glory with a second place in the 8th stage. The Spaniard is far from the fight for the general (3h approx.) Dominated by compatriot Carlos Sainz who is having a beautiful battle with the expert in surfing Nasse Al-Attiyah dunes.

“Two months ago we didn’t even know how to start the car. They are moments of great joy and emotion, because we know the difficulty it has and what we live in 470 kilometers, the dunes we pass, the scares we carry … and the joy is enormous when you cross the finish line and you are among the best ”,


Albert Llovera the smiling face in the Dakar 2020

The Andorran rider is undoubtedly the happiest rider on the grid of Dakar Arabia 2020 drivers. The pilot of the PETRONAS TEAM DE ROOY IVECO team is still based in the 13th position of the general in the trucks category. You can continue your day to day in the Dakar if you go through their social networks, where we can see that humor and good vibes are the order of the day in the Andorran pilot team.

Laia Sanz is demonstrating in this edition of the Dakar that she has a rhythm to rub shoulders between the best riders on both wheels. Currently occupies the 18th position of the general less than 3 hours apart from leader Ricky Brabec. Laia is one of the most affected by the death of Portuguese driver Paulo Gonçalves, both agreed on the Honda team.
“I was apart from the team then, but Pablo was an uncle for whom I only have good words. He treated me very well, but he did it with everyone and it was as you saw it. There are pilots of the ‘top’, who transform a bit into a race, in the sense that maybe the ‘iritrack’ (satellite locator that all participants carry and with which the organization knows its location with precision in each moment of the race) does not work if they have to open track. He won if it was because he was the fastest, because he was a real athlete and a gentleman in that regard. “


Back to the RX, Kevin Hansen: “The electric future of the RX is exciting”

The little brother of the Hansens was one of the most outstanding pilots of the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship 2019, reaped a great victory in Abu Dhabi and fought alongside his brother to make a perfect season. The young driver has given his opinion on the electric future of rallycross, a topic that is creating a lot of controversy among fans of this type of motorsport.

“Rallycross is the perfect mode for electric cars, it will not be slow, boring and conserve energy. We will have 680 horsepower and do 0-100 km / h in 1.8 seconds. Next year’s Rallycross will be electric, which is very exciting for the future and where we should go to conserve our planet too. “

Electric cars will become part of World RX weekends for the first time in 2020 with the Projekt E development series, using electric four-wheel drive kits created by STARD. Electric cars will also become part of the top World RX category and a Junior eRX series in 2021.

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