Everything ready for the Catalunya RX 7th edition 2021
  • The Catalunya RX 2021 lands with 50 drivers and 50 races, guests will be able to experience live again from the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya grandstands.
  • The 7th edition is held on the afternoons of Friday 23 and Saturday 24 July, to avoid the hours of maximum heat.
  • It will be the premiere of the FIA’s electric rallycross category, the RX2e, with vehicles developed by the Catalan company QEV Technologies.
This morning the 7th edition of the FIA World RX of Catalunya was presented at the Palau Robert in Barcelona, an event that was chaired by the Director of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Josep Lluis Santamaría; accompanied by Pere Rodríguez, Mayor of Montmeló; Victor Casanovas, director of SevenMila, the company promoting Catalunya RX. In addition, the CEO of QEV Technologies, Joan Orús, a company that develops vehicles of the new RX2e electric category, has also intervened. The Spanish RX2e pilots Jose Luis Garcia and Pablo Suarez also attended the event.
New afternoon format

The Catalunya RX will be the inaugural round of the 2021 FIA World Rallycross Championship, a world championship that this year changes its manager and has passed into the hands of the WRC promoter. The objective, both on the part of the Championship and the local organization – in charge of the company SevenMila -, is to add even more value to this rallycross competition. The first step this year is the change of format that makes the World RX of Catalunya be held on the afternoons of Friday 23 and Saturday 24 July, “we bet in the afternoons for the good of the public, drivers and organization”, in order to avoid the hours of maximum sun at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and “we hope that everyone will respond positively to this change”, explains Victor Casanovas, director of SevenMila. Thus, the doors will open to the public from 3pm on Friday and 2pm on Saturday. In the morning, the pilots will do some training sessions behind closed doors.

Electric future is now a reality

The big new of the 7th edition of the Catalunya RX is the debut of the FIA’s first electric Rallycross category, the RX2e. These vehicles come from the Catalan company QEV Technologies, which has developed electric supercars from Montmeló. Joan Orús, CEO of QEV Technologies, explained that “it is the first electric rallycross vehicle in the world and the first championship in the world. We are absolutely convinced that the future is electric. We as a company have been dedicated to electric mobility for 10 years” .

The RX2e vehicles are 350hp and 1,200 in weight. They are very fun cars to drive and the drivers can play with the engine setup, front and rear brakes. They are sure to offer spectacular races.

The experienced Catalan driver José Luis García, who will participate in the electric category, stressed that “I was surprised by the acceleration of the car, it is brutal at the start. Also, usually in a racing car when you make modifications you must exaggerate and here with small steps it already changes a lot It is a very sensitive car. ” The young Canarian Pablo Suarez, who is also part of the team that has developed the vehicle, will also be on the starting grid for the RX2e category. “What surprises me the most about the car is the instantaneous reaction. You have to be wide awake, the car pulls a lot and you have to keep up. I’m sure there will be a lot of equality between the drivers and a lot of spectacle,” he said.

On this same aspect, the electric future, spoke the Mayor of Montmeló, Mr. Pere Rodríguez. The fact that “one of the most powerful companies in the development of electric vehicles is from Montmeló and the combination of the 7th edition of the Catalunya RX at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, makes us very satisfied”.

El CatalunyaRX, third world championship event in 2021 at the Circuit:

The General Director of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Josep Lluis Santamaría, wanted to emphasize that despite the situation and the last year lived, “the Circuit has a frenetic pace, a circuit that is capable of organizing world-class events. The Catalunya RX is the third of the year and we are very proud of how everything is being carried out. We thought that in 2021 it would be easier but the truth is that the pandemic continues, but we are going to win the pulse that it is making us “.

Tickets available on the web www.catalunyarx.com

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is ready to open its doors to spectators and offer them maximum security. Fans who are still thinking about it still have time to buy their advance tickets with a discount on the official website of the race www.catalunyarx.com. The public, beyond being able to enjoy the more than 50 races, will also be able to stroll through the fan zone, where some stops have been enabled – in fewer than previous years to ensure distances and stay within the limits of the restrictions of Covid prevention.