Timmy Hansen gets his second win in a row in the FIA World Rallycross Championship

The Swedish driver Timmy Hansen has reached this weekend in France his second consecutive victory in the 2015 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy. The driver from Team Peugeot-Hansen has completed a great weekend, geting the maximum number of points in the intermediate classification (16). The championship leader, Petter Solberg has returned to the podium after two races and local rider Jean-Baptiste Dubourg has finished in third place.

The event held in Loheac has consecrated a new record attendance, 75,000 throughout the weekend, and local fans have enjoyed how the local car manufacturer, Peugeot, reached a new victory and extended his lead in the team standings. The Team Peugeot-Hansen leads with 328 points, Olsbergs MSE Ford is second (275) and the team SDRX closes the top three with 244.

If there was a place I wanted to win it is Loheac – the home of Peugeot” said Hansen, who also has taken home the Monster Energy Super Charge Award as he was the fastest driver in the final to reach the first corner. “I feel great, the fans have given me great support this weekend and is amazing to give them something back.”

On his side, the reigning champion Petter Solberg was pleased with his second place in the WorldRX of Loheac: ” We had a plan this weekend to get as many points as possible during the heats. “We’ve worked out that we need an average of 21 points at each race to keep ahead in the standings and this has been my focus ”

After the 9th round, Petter Solberg remains at the top of the classification and Timmy Hansen continues to cut some points, now the difference is 37 points between them. Johan Kristoffersson, who finished 4th, climbs back to third place overall.

In two weeks comes the novelty of this 2015: BarcelonaRX

FIA World Rallycross Championship will travel to Barcelona on 19 and 20 September to celebrate the 10th of the season. The event will be held at the Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona, ​​on a track that will be located in the area of the stadium. The BarcelonaRX will host throughout the weekend races of the WorldRX, EuroRX, Super1600 and RX Lites Cup.

Thousands of fans already have their ticket to live a weekend of motorsport in its purest form. There will be two days with more than 60 races in which you can enjoy the power of Supercars, cars of 600hp reaching 0-100km/h in 1.9 seconds, faster than an F1.