El World RX de Barcelona-Catalunya es fa sense públic, la meva entrada?

The World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona will be held without public, what can I do with my ticket?

  • The World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona will be held behind closed doors.

After making the difficult decision to celebrate the World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona behind closed doors, we explain what will happen with the tickets for the 2020 edition. First of all, notice that the ticket can be either maintained for the 2021 edition, or you can request a refund of the amount of the ticket.


Options: Keep the ticket for 2021 or refund

If the 2021 Catalunya RX ticket is maintained, fans will enjoy a big advantage, as you will automatically be able to enjoy a 20% discount for the purchase of up to two additional tickets for 2021, when they are available. This discount does NOT apply to tickets already purchased. If you opt for this option, you will be provided with a discount code that must be entered when purchasing new tickets.

If you opt for the refund option, the amount of the ticket will be refunded, excluding service fees, as they correspond to a service already provided by the ticketing company.


How do I manage my 2020 ticket?

All applications related to the management of the 2020 tickets must be made through the following form. Only requests made via the aforementioned form will be processed. To avoid duplication of forms, please fill out the form only once. Please note that once the form has been completed, no changes or modifications can be made.

What should I put on the form?

As for the form, it must include: name, surname, email with which the tickets were purchased, reference code (found in the email where the tickets were attached), the channel through which bought the ticket and the option (maintain ticket or refund) to choose. In the event that you have lost the mail or do not have access to the account used for the purchase, you should also write the email (whether or not it is available), tick the box on the “I do not have access to the code” form and write a “0” in the reference code field.


How many days do I have to make the request?

As of the date of this publication (September 30, 2020), you have 14 calendar days to complete the form. The last day to fill it is October 14, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. After this date, if the form has not been filled in, it will be understood that the person agrees to keep the ticket for 2021, automatically obtaining an additional 20% discount on the purchase of up to two more tickets.

If I request a refund, when will I receive the money?

If you choose the refund option, we will try to return it before the event, that is, before October 17th. However, it could be that some deposits will be made over the week after the event, giving a margin until October 22, the last day that the refund should be formalized. If the money is not received by this date, an email will be provided to deal with the incident. The return process will begin once the form closes on October 14th. Therefore, the first day the money could be received is October 15, 2020.

How will the refund be made?

The money will be refunded by the same method used when paying. If it was done with a credit or debit card, it will be returned via deposit to the card used. If you payed with credit card, you will see the refund at the end of the month. If the card used has expired or is no longer operational, select this option when replying to the form. Please note that if you select this option, the return process will be slower and we do not guarantee that your money will be received before October 21st.

Click here to fill up the refund form