This weekend the ArgentinaRX will be in charge of closing the second edition of WorldRX and also crown the champion.

The fight is between Petter Solberg, defending champion of the specialty, and Timmy Hansen, the young rider. The one of Citroen just has to add 5 points over the weekend to achieve his second title of the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship, which seems quite affordable, but certainly the Peugeot driver won’t put things easy. To add these points, the Norwegian should finish at least 13th in the intermediate classification of the event.

Petter Solberg already has his strategy for the weekend in Argentina: ““For me the job is simple: make the semi-final. But, like we know very, very well now, nothing is simple – certainly not winning a World Championship. I must admit, I don’t know so much about the track. It’s a new one and, it seems, this is quite good for me – I won every final at a new track this year. This time, though, I don’t have to win. I have to be safe. That’s the key. We have the strategy and everything is aiming at the semi-final and the five points we need so badly.”

Kevin Hansen will debut with the Supercars

When there are still six months to Kevin Hansen turns 18, he will become the youngest driver to debut in the Supercars WorldRX category this weekend. Kevin, the younger brother of Timmy Hansen, has this fantastic opportunity after winning the RX Lites Cup title this year.

Saturday 28 November

1100 [1400 GMT]: RX practice

1400 [1700 GMT]: Drift / Stunt Show

1430 [1730 GMT]: Heat 1

1530 [1830 GMT]: Drift / Stunt Show

1600 [1900 GMT]: Heat 2

Sunday 29 November

0900 [1200 GMT]: RX warm-up

1005 [1305 GMT]: Drift / Stunt show

1030 [1330 GMT]: Heat 3

1130 [1430 GMT]: Drift / Stunt show

1200 [1500 GMT]: Heat 4

1300 [1600 GMT]: Drift / Stunt show

1400 [1700 GMT]: Support category semi-finals

1435 [1745 GMT]: Drift / Stunt show

1500 [1800 GMT]: RX World Semi-finals & Final

1545 [1845 GMT]: RX World podium

1610 [1910 GMT]: RX World winners’ press conference in press room