The BarcelonaRX will honor the Sils Rallycross

During the weekend of the BarcelonaRX on 19th and 20th September 2015, a tribute will be paid to the Escuderia Girona and who was its president, Paco Gutierrez. They were responsible for hosting for the first time in history the Rallycross to Spain and now, 30 years later, it comes back at the Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona.

A permanent test circuit and three European

The ’80s were the golden decade of Rallycross in Europe, and at that time Paco Gutierrez dared to organize the first Rallycross circuit of Spain and did so in the Girona town of Sils, a place where the motor activity roared daily. The track was built near the Museu Claret and the grounds of the RACC and was officially presented during the IV Nit del Motor, an event that was held on February 7th, 1981.

The first competition hosted at Rallycross circuit in Sils was the last race of the Championship of Catalonia Autocross in 1981. But the peak of this circuit was the celebration of three rounds of the European Rallycross Championship, between 1987 and 1989. All three editions had broad public support, as told in the newspaper Mundo Deportivo chronicling the Apr. 18th, 1988: “The Escuderia Girona gave to more than 6,000 spectators an untold show. Heat after heat the public that overflowed the capacity of the circuit had a great time watching “monsters” ex group B, with an impressive cavalry (between 500 and 700cv), piloted by the best specialists in the continent.”

A memory for Escuderia Girona and Paco Gutierrez

30 years later of this great time of Rallycross in Sils, on behalf of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, ​​RACC and BarcelonaRX will provide a tribute to the Escuderia Girona and Paco Gutierrez to those glorious years as they offered. The event will take place in the paddock on Sunday 20th September.

Furthermore, Paco Gutierrez with his son Francesc Gutierrez, who this weekend will participate in Automobile 24h at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, ​​will complet a lap around the BarcelonaRX Rallycross circuit in a convertible car.