The new Ford Fiesta electrx presented by Stard Team
Stard presents the new Ford Fiesta ELECTRX

Stard, the team which participates in the FIA World RallyCross Championship since 2015, makes its way with the arrival of electric cars. The new Ford Fiesta will have all-wheel drive (4WD), 450 kW, 1,100 Nm and a top speed of 240 km / hour.

After last May, the Stard team, which is participating in the World Rallycross Championship with driver Janis Baumanis at the helm, reported the inclusion of electric cars starting next season, this Austrian team has announced more news about the first demonstration vehicle for the “E project” of IMG. In this sense, the car uses the new transmission kit “REVelution” EV from STARD with 2 driven axles (Fr & Rr) with an integrated LSD (limited slip differential) and an electronically controlled FR / Rr torque distribution.

The main components of the kit are E motors and controllers, transmission, RESS (Rechargeable energy storage system = HV battery pack), electronic packages, wiring harness and charging system.

Great improvement

The Ford Fiesta ELECTRX will become a faster, cleaner and even cheaper vehicle than the current one. Despite being a cheaper car, the Austrian team expects this change to be a definite boost for them in the coming years. And is that this new car will have four-wheel drive (4WD), 450 kW, 1,100 Nm and a maximum speed of 240 km / hour

The CEO of Stard, Michael Sakowicz, once brought to light all these developments, wanted to evaluate very positively this evolution of the car. “The plan is to demonstrate, show and test what can be done with the EV drive trains in Rallycross throughout 2020. Projekt E will be just the beginning of a broader and more comprehensive Rallycross electric future that, of course, our goal is to influence even more with our Ford Fiesta ELECTRX, than we have done with our first fully electric RX car in 2016”, Sakowicz said.

Involvement of all parts

The executive director also asked the different institutions that are linked to the Word Rallycross Championship that, in one way or another, be involved in this change of scenery of the competition. “The plan is to take a first step and explore the great possibilities for the EV motors in Rallycross. Of course, this only makes sense when it is done in close consideration of the entire WRX environment, including the FIA, the private teams, the manufacturers, the promoters, the organizers and even the sponsors, especially taking into account also their future plans. Therefore, even around our purely technical approach, we maintain close communication with all the aforementioned parties to ensure that we form a solid and coherent future for Rallycross together”, he concluded.

During the next months, IMG will present in the “E project” in which Stard will participate with its Ford Fiesta ELECTRX and which is expected to be a very important push for the world of RallyCross. Note that this new category will be independent to others, such as Supercar, and is expected to be part of the World Cup from next year.