Entradas dobles para el Supercross & Freestyle Barcelona

This Sunday, November 17, the Supercross & Freestyle Barcelona lands one more year at the Palau Sant Jordi, which celebrates its 20th edition and returns, ten years later. A sports show that became a benchmark nationally and internationally.

For us who are lovers of Motorsport in all its aspects is a mandatory appointment and we will be on Sunday in the stands of Sant Jordi to see the best in these two specialties giving a great show. The Americans Malcolm Stewart and Josh Grant ensure excitement and spectacle in the Supercross races, in which they are the big favorites. Tom Pagés, best freestyle motocross rider in the world, will leave everyone open and will demonstrate why he is the best in freestyle.

We want you rallycross lovers to enjoy this great show. So we raffled a double entry on our Facebook and another double entry on our Instagram. The participation is simple:

1. Follow us Facebook or Instagram
2. Follow @supercrossbcn
3. Tag on friend

Tomorrow we will announce the two lucky ones who will enjoy accompanied.
We take this opportunity to remind you that if you still do not have your ticket for the CatalunyaRX 2019 here you have all the info: https://www.catalunyarx.com/entradas-catalunyarx-a-la-venta/