Sin límites en el ADN con Albert Llovera CatalunyaRX

No limits in DNA with Albert Llovera

We had the pleasure to visit Albert in his native land, Andorra and to know firsthand his passion for motorsport in all its aspects and how he is focusing his new stage as a permanent pilot of the RX2 Series category. The Andorran driver is ready to start his third year in the rallycross tracks with more ambition than ever and wanting to show their talent again at the CatalunyaRX; who will return to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on April 27 and 28.

Why motor sports?

I like the world of montorsport because I come from skiing. The ski has a lot to do with motor racing and motorcycling. The skis are the wheels and the knees are the suspects otherwise the vision is the same.

How did you get interested in the Rallycross?

The truth is that I am quite versatile and I have competed in different disciplines of motorsport, but I needed to experience the one that has more action, and in which adrenaline is the guiding thread. It is none other than rallycross. I started my career participating in a couple of races, last year it was already 5 or 6 races and this year the objective is to do the whole championship.

What makes you to be driving an RX2?

The sensations of a rallycross vehicle are stronger than any type of vehicle I’ve been able to carry, the sensations of acceleration and braking are brutal. In the races it’s something similar, everything happens very fast and any failure however small can ruin that race.

Goals for CatalunyaRX 2019?

I am quite a dreamer, I hope to be very high and almost in the final. The first thing we’re going to do this season and we’ve been talking to the team is trying to sneak in 2 or 3 semifinals. Arriving at the semifinal leaves the door half open to enter the final, and if it were in the CatalunyaRX it would be perfect You’ve already traveled and tested many rallycross circuits.

What’s so special about CatalunyaRX?

The CatalunyaRX is one of the most beautiful circuits. Above all I love the curve of the left asphalt and the change comes to earth, a narrow and very tight area, which ends up opening to a much wider and faster area. The layout of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has nothing to envy great rallycross cathedrals such as Holjes or Loheac. Although I have to admit that these two circuits are on my favorites list.


There is little more than a month for the competition with more action and adrenaline in the world to land again in our circuit. Advance tickets for sale, get your ticket from € 30: