Sebastian Eriksson wins in Holjes (Sweden) and obtains his first victory

Sebastian Eriksson surprises and wins in Holjes

The Swedish Eriksson, who participated with a wildcard, surprisingly achieved his first win of the season in the FIA World Rallycross Championship in the race held in Sweden. Kevin Hansen, who is placed as new leader, got the second place and Reinis Nitiss completed the podium

Big surprise in the sixth scoring round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship. The Swedish Sebastian Eriksson, who competed with a wildcard, won in the hell of Holjes and got the first win for the Olsbergs team after three years in white.

The weekend of Eriksson did not look like he was going to finish with the first place in the grand final. In fact, until reaching Q4, the Scandinavian driver’s performance was rather poor. But from this round, the Swede was transformed and did not stop to go in clear ascending line. He placed in the semifinals as the best of the first twelve, winning after a puncture of Niclas Gronholm, and later managed to beat in the grand final to an always competitive Kevin Hansen, who made things extremely difficult until the last minute.

Eriksson, euphoric

Eriksson wanted to value the great victory obtained in the race disputed in his country. “It’s very special to win here, this is the race that every rallycross driver wants to win, so coming here and being able to win is just amazing, over a year and a half since I’ve been in a Supercar, so it’s been a long time Holjes is very special, the atmosphere around the track is like no other place I’ve been, and the race track itself is the best rallycross track there is”, said the Swede.

Sebastian also wanted to have words of praise for his team. “The team has done a fantastic job with the car. I did not think we would be so competitive, but from the first the pace of the car throughout the weekend was good. After this victory, I see the future with optimism. As for participating in other races this year, we will have a meeting next week to plan what we will do”, said Eriksson.

Kevin Hansen, the new leader

Despite not being able to get the victory in the grand final, the small Hansen, Kevin, was one of the great beneficiaries of the weekend in Sweden. And is that the two drivers who completed the podium with the young Swedish driver, his brother Timmy and Andreas Bakkerud did not have the best performance in Holje. Timmy had to settle for sixth place in the final and Bakkerud could not pass ‘semis’. That was used by Kevin Hansen to be the leader of the overall standings with 131 points, six over Timmy Hansen and 22 over Andreas.

Precisely, Kevin Hansen was satisfied by the second position obtained in Holjes. “The whole weekend has been pretty crazy. Having a changing climate in the qualifying stages made things difficult. In the final I did not stop going for Sebastian. On the last lap I was grazing his bumper and I was looking for a place to overtake, because I thought I had a puncture because I had slowed down a bit. In the last corner I thought “OK, this is it.” I put my nose inside in the middle but I realized I could not do it, so I backed away, Anyway, a second place at home is incredible and allows me to add good points for the championship, it was a really great event and a great weekend”, said the Team Hansen driver.

Albert Llovera, without ‘semis’

And in the RX2, Andorran Albert Llovera could not reach the semifinals after finishing 18th in Q4. The triumph went to Ben-Philip Gundersen, followed by Linus Ostlund and Jesse Kalio. The outstanding leader is still Oliver Eriksson.