‘Projekt E’ will be part of the FIA World RX Championship from 2020

The aim of this project, which arises from the collaboration between the company IMG and the Austrian company STARD, will be to incorporate the electric racing cars into the calendar of the World RallyCross

It was an open secret and yesterday it became official. From the next season 2020, there will be a category of electric cars, called ‘Projekt E’, which will be part of the World Rx motor sports calendar and which will guarantee a greater spectacle for the fans of this spectacular sport.

The aim of ‘Projekt E’ will be to evaluate the electric racing cars within the World Rallycross according to the roadmap for the electrification of World RX, which is authorized by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and which was recently ratified by the FIA World Motorsport Council.

Next steps

The first tests of the new electric car will be carried out throughout the next month of July. Later, in September, the first electric vehicle to compete in this new category will be presented, in this case a Ford Fiesta, and it is expected that from 2020 the cars will be evaluated in a more exhaustive way to ensure the greatest possible adaptability to this great motor competition.

The general director of World RX for IMG, Torben Olsen, wanted to evaluate very positively the agreement reached so that the electric cars in the rallycross world are a reality. “We have been working with STARD on the future electrification of the global rallycross for several months. We have reached an important stage in the continuous development of electrical solutions for rallycross and, in particular for ‘Projekt E’. It will be appreciated in the technical details of the Projekt E race cars that the innovative demo series will be an important incentive for the events of next season”, Olsen said.

Big benefits

As we discussed weeks ago, this new electric car will have four-wheel drive (4WD), 612 horsepower, 1,100 Nm and a maximum speed of 240 km / hour; and it will be a faster, cleaner and even cheaper vehicle compared to those currently participating in the FIA World Rx Championship.

Undoubtedly, this is a very important news and, at the same time, necessary for the world of rallycross to achieve the final push in order to gain an important weight in the motor world.