MEDIA - CatalunyaRX FIA World Rallycross


You can now complete your application for a media accreditation for the World RX of Barcelona (1-2 april 2017 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya).

Last day to applicate: 9th March 2017-02-08

All national media should apply completing the form in this page.

All requests for international media accreditations must be made online via


World RX organisers and the FIA consider the “Media” pass to be a working tool to be used only by bona fide media members of the press.

Only the following media will be accredited;

  1. A) Those that have a minimum circulation and whose size plus quality fulfill the criteria of the FIA;
B) With a format and quality which fulfill the criteria of the FIA;
  2. C) Which are on sale to the public via retail outlets (trade, club or internal company magazines will not be accepted). However, at the sole discretion of the FIA and where the quality and criteria justify their consideration, such magazines may be considered on a case by case basis

Under no circumstances will advertising, public relations agencies or similar companies including representatives of suppliers be given media accreditation to an event.

World RX organisers will only accredit press from outside the country in which the event is held. National press will be contacted by the National Press Officer (e.g Spanish press applying for Barcelona RX will be contacted by the National Press Officer, while press from countries other than Spain will be contacted by the World RX press officer).

The central and local offices for the major international press agencies (AP, AFP, Reuters, ANSA, UPI, DPA, LUSA, BELGA, JIJI, EFE, Press Association, SAPA, APA etc) will always be accredited.


– JOURNALIST/PHOTOGRAPHER. Accreditation decisions are based on the relative media market in the country of the applicant. As such, the usual minimum circulation for a national weekly or monthly is 20,000 copies. For a national daily the minimum