Kristoffersson and Ekström dominate at the start of an atypical World Cup. - CatalunyaRX FIA World Rallycross

Kristoffersson and Ekström dominate at the start of an atypical World Cup.

Johan kristoffersson returns to dominate in the world championship with the permission of a Mattias Ekström who continues to prove to be one of the strongest drivers on the grid.

Spectacular return of the best motorsport in the cathedral of rallycross. Yes, we are talking about HoljesRX 2020, the setting chosen to kick off a World Cup that began in August because of all the problems derived from the Covid-19 pandemic.
The magic weekend this time has been lived twice, since with the new calendar the first race has had two races instead of one, that is, on Saturday the first of the races was held (Q1, Q2, Q3, semis and final) which was authoritatively awarded the double champion Johan Kristoffersson. A fact that brought to mind the intractable VW Polo dominating ahead of all the other drivers, but Sunday’s second race showed that perhaps the Swedish VW driver is not as invincible as he seems. A great Mattias Ekström won the game in the final with a good Joker Lap strategy, relegating Kristoffersson to third place and giving a great show to all rallycross lovers.

HoljesRX 1

Saturday can be summed up as the placid return of one of the best drivers in the history of this specialty. The Swede was returning to his VW Polo GTiRX after a sabbatical season in which the pilot ventured into other forms of motorsport.
All eyes were on a Johan and a VW Polo that were well above expectations.
Intractable for most of the day, he won most of the races and also qualified as a top qualifier before the semis. The semifinals and the final were a true recital of the Swede who did not see his victory threatened at any time.
Mattias Ekström and Timo Scheider closed the podium. TImo rose to third place after a 30s penalty to Anton Marklund for a contact with a Timmy Hansen who ended up face-first in the Holjes arena.

This feels great. I had a slightly tricky starting position in Q1, but I got off to a very good start in the rain and managed to make a good Q1 after that. That made everything a little easier. In the semi-final we tried some things with the car that didn’t work, but then the rain came for the final. It’s going to be tough this year and we have to work hard. “- Johan Kristoffersson



HoljesRX 2

After Saturday, Krstoffersson was in all the pools to regain his superiority in the semis and the final. In addition, the Swedish rider was awarded the Top Qualifier of the day and its respective semifinal again, which seemed almost a mirage of what he experienced the previous day.
But this time Mattias Ekström had something to say about it. The 2016 world champion completed a very solid qualification and made a perfect final, beating Krstoffersson in the Joker Lap strategy. Finally Ekström won a great victory and climbed to the top of the Holjes podium accompanied by the young Kevin Hansen and Johan Kristoffersson.

It has been an amazing weekend for me to come here and be competitive right away. The final was by far the best result. I had the gap [with Kristoffersson] over the radio in my ears, I knew how much I needed to push and when I really needed a turn, I nailed one. I managed to get by, which was fantastic. I really appreciate the effort that KYB has put into developing our car’s shocks with EKS, and now that JC Raceteknik can benefit from this it’s a nice feeling. Winning and beating Johan fairly and home run is an exceptional feeling, “said Ekstrom.

The supercar engines have roared again on a circuit and the start of the season has been absolutely spectacular. This weekend we will enjoy the third and fourth test of the season that will be held in Finnish lands. Will Johan Kristoffersson continue to dominate the championship?

We remind you that you can follow the broadcast live on the Esport3 channel and on the official YouTube channel of the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship.