Final de infarto para cerrar el telón a la mejor temporada de la historia.
Hearth attack ending to close the best season ever.

The Swedish Timmy Hansen is crowned champion of the FIA World Rallycross Championship after an absolutely tight final.

The last chapter of the best season in the history of rallycross landed last weekend at the South African circuit of Killarney International Raceway, located in Cape Town.
All the ingredients were ready to offer all lovers of this sport a heart attack end, and as usual the end result did not disappoint.
Only one point of difference is the one that separated the two maximum rivals of this season, the Swedish Timmy Hansen led the general classification in the absence of a test with 187 points, a single point above the Norwegian Andreas Bakkerud who planned to fight the title to the largest of the Hansens until the last meter of land in the African circuit.

Chronicle from an unforgettable final:

If all the ingredients were ready before the start of the weekend, Saturday only helped put more drama in that grand finale that we all expected. Niclas Gronhölm finished the qualifications as Top Qualifier ahead of the favorites to the title, which were more focused on the final battle than on the victory in this test.
In the semifinals the two favorites to the final victory won their respective sleeves, Timmy Hansen scored the best time of the semis with the following record: 4:15:079 thus winning the most advantageous starting position in the final.

Even having that positional advantage in the final, a great start by Andreas Bakkerud left Timmy in second place in the first stages of the final.

A controversial final

The final controversy came in the 6th corner of the final in which there was a clash between the two favorites Andreas Bakkerud who was leading and Timmy Hansen. A clash that ended with Andreas testing the taste of the walls of the African circuit and Timmy turned completely in a cloud of gravel and emotion for all who were hooked on the TV at that time. The result of the incident was a Bakkerud relegated to second place behind Niclas Gronholm who took advantage of the mess to get ahead and a Timmy Hansen who lost options after being relegated to 4th place.

The commissioners began a long investigation into the post-race incident and decided not to take further measures for the protagonists involved.
The result of the race meant that Timmy Hansen and Bakkerud were tied in points at 211 points with Timmy as the final winner of the championship thanks to the 4 victories harvested during the season.

For Timmy, 27, the eldest son of Kenneth Hansen, 14 times FIA European Rallycross champion, this was the perfect end for an exhausting season.
“I’m in shock. I’ve put the performance of my life this weekend,” he said. “What a season! I feel amazing, it’s all I wanted. I am very happy that you have reached the last race of the year with everything at stake. I am extremely proud of how I stayed calm, how I concentrated. Race by race we have achieved great results, which is exactly what I expected to do here. With a pressure like this, there is no place for the slightest error. In the final, after the incident with Andreas (Bakkerud), they told me on the radio that I had to advance a position to be champion. I was chasing Timo (Scheider) hard and I noticed that I had a problem and that I could go through fourth place. It’s not the dream way to win the title, but it’s not a race, it’s a one-year battle.” This season has been the best of the young Swedish driver’s career.

“Also winning the team title is a great result for a small team that works very hard. I am very proud of everyone. The car has to be perfect every time and that depends on our entire team.” a team title that was consumed on Saturday after the good results of the two Peugeot 208RX in the qualifying rounds.

Now if we put an end to one of the best chapters in the history of rallycross, a season full of excitement, adrenaline and great moments during all the championship events.

The 2020 season will kick off in Spain

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