Fin de semana perfecto de los hermanos Hansen en el CatalunyaRX

Perfect weekend for Hansen brothers in the CatalunyaRX

Timmy Hansen takes the victory in the CatalunyaRX after a weekend of 10. The little Hansen, Kevin, finished second and Andreas Bakkerud closed the podium. Oscar Palomo, Dani Clos and Pepe Arqué climb to the podium of the Hot Wheels RX Stars Race, where Pol Espargaró has reached the grand final.

The World RX of Catalunya has celebrated a fantastic fifth edition with about 70 different races that have offered the best version of rallycross. Throughout the weekend attendees at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunyña have been able to see constant overtaking, thrilling battles and many jumps. The rallycross is a modality that is a guarantee of show and this weekend has seen a good one at the track.

Timmy Hansen relentless in the CatalunyaRX
The Swedish rider Timmy Hansen has dominated the entire World RX of Catalunya from start to finish. The Hansen’ss older brother has led from the first qualifying race (Q1) on Saturday to today’s grand final, proving that he is a clear contender for the title at the end of the season. Despite arriving at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with a bitter taste after the incident in the first round of the WorldRX in Abu Dhabi, Hansen explains that “when I crossed the finish line I screamed: we succeeded! And then I looked in the rear-view mirror and I saw Kevin’s yellow car, it was fantastic.”
And is that his little brother Kevin Hansen has finished second of the CatalunyaRX 2019. Thus the Hansen family closes a weekend round.

Andreas Bakkerud has been in charge of closing the podium. For him, who was also involved in the incident in Abu Dhabi, it is an excellent result. He also explains: “is the third consecutive podium for me in Barcelona, ​​so I guess I like this route a lot”.

Albert Llovera reaches his main goal
Albert Llovera participated today in the first round of the RX2 2019 World Championship before his public. After a great job in the four qualifying sessions, the Andorran driver managed to qualify for the semifinal, which was his main goal of the weekend. “I’m very happy, not only have I qualified for the semifinals, but this weekend has helped me learn a lot. We’re sure to have a very good rallycross season.”

Authentic show on the Hot Wheels RX Stars Race
Oscar Palomo took the victory of the Hot Wheels RX Stars Race of Carcross.
The driver from Madrid has won a race that has offered a great show with races of up to 14 riders at the same time. One of the guest drivers, Dani Clos, has climbed to the second step of the podium while the person in charge of closing it has been the young driver Pepe Arqué. Who will we surely see in rallycross races very soon, since this year he participates in the RX Academy (school of future RX riders) .

Pol Espargaró, one of the guest star pilots, has managed to qualify for the grand final car cross. “It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, I found it stressful in the car cross compared to the bike, it was difficult, but I’m very happy to have experienced this experience and to know the World RX from the inside.

Epic races at Super1600
Aydar Nuriev has emerged victorious from the European Super1600 Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. All the races in the category have offered great moments and much equality. Artur Egorov and Gergely Marton have accompanied him on the podium.

The rallycross returns to fill the circuit of public, activities and passion for the motor
The World RX of Catalunya is a motorsport festival. Its epicenter is rallycross, especially the world premier class of supercars, but this event goes further. That is why year after year the CatalunyaRX fills the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with more competitions. This year it was possible to enjoy the Hot Wheels RX Stars Race with the stars Pol Espargaró, Gerard Farrés, Dani Clos, Cristina Gutiérrez and Cedric Gracia. In the South zone of the Circuit the first test of the Spanish Drift Championship was held, with 40 drivers and rear-wheel drive cars that have between 500 and 800cv. Outside the track the activities have been constant throughout the weekend. Musical shows with the riders in the Monster Rig Riot, signing autographs, simracing zone, electric karting, classic rally cars, Hot Wheels areas with American classics and games or shops for all motorsport fans. All this makes the CatalunyaRX the ideal setting for all those who love the engine.