Fernando Alonso prueba el rallycross con los Sainz

The Asturian driver tested the sand by the hand of Carlos Sainz and son. The Sainz family has fun on their farm with Alonso testing a carcross.
Fernando is clear that no doors will be closed after his departure from F1. The endurance tests are going to be present in his agenda for next season, but who knows if we can get to see him on the grid of the CatalunyaRX or the Dakar.

It is not the first time that the two-time F1 champion winks at rallycross. When last season he got off McLaren MCL33 after the F1 Grand Prix of France, Fernando Alonso complained that at the start many of his competitors had gained an advantage by breaking through the great loopholes of the Paul Ricard Circuit, without receiving any penalty No warning from the federation.

Minutes later, through Twitter, Alonso made reference to the “joker lap”, the alternative route used in the World Rallycross. “Not only do they have” joker lap “!”, Said the Spaniard with a image of the start of the Grand Prix of France.

The official account of the World Rallycross took advantage of the occasion to “invite” Alonso to try this specialty. “You are welcome if you want to come to practice when you want, you can ask for advice from Jenson Button”, they answered from the WRX to Alonso, who followed the conversation: “Alex Wurz (pilot and his coach at Toyota) is the teacher”.

Jenson Button also got into the conversation: “Alex Wurz is the master whenever you allow yourself to skip the exit”. Alonso closed it with a gif in which it was clear that he would like to try rallycross. “Go also for the fourth crown”, meanwhile other fans said …

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