El talento del rallycross presente en el Dakar 2020.

RX talent represented at Dakar 2020.

Many pilots who have been part of the CatalunyaRX exit grills are in Saudi Arabia fighting the dunes of the Dakar 2020, known as the hardest raid on earth has changed their destination again, leaving behind the South American deserts to locate themselves in the seas of eastern dunes.

The Andorran pilot of the RX-2 series Albert Llovera returns to the Dakar for the sixth time, this time at the controls of a Petronas Team De Rooy IVECO. It is the third edition that Albert ventures into the trucks category. Llovera wanted the Dakar after two years of absence (one for injury and one for lack of sponsors) and will release new commands in his Iveco Powerstar. Instead of using a mechanical accelerator, you will have an electronic one, with larger controls to provide you with more support points with the two hands you use to guide the vehicle. You will also have a sequential change instead of manual, which will have less physical demand and you can enjoy more driving. The Andorran will have the mission of supporting the team as roadside assistance. “I am very excited about my return to the Dakar and even more, for doing so within such a competitive structure. It is a great opportunity. I have always dreamed of driving a truck of Team Petronas De Rooy IVECO and finally I can do it. I am proud to drive such a powerful vehicle and that, more than an added pressure, represents an extra motivation. “


Another driver involved in the rallycross that has made an appearance in the Saudi dunes is the French team leader GCK Guerlain Chicherit, who drove during the Dakar 2020 Shakedaown. A small step towards a possible transition from the Dakar to electric cars which has been demonstrated by the power of the ODYSSEY 21 E-SUV.
“I have always maintained my love for the Dakar Rally. To this day, Dakar has given me some of the best memories, challenges and taught me many lessons, and I am pleased to see the organizers highlight this year on energy mobility alternative by inviting the SUV E-ODYSSEY 21 and several other electric and hybrid vehicles to be part of the Dakar 2020, “said Chicherit.

The Queen of the Desert returns to the dunes.

The Catalan pilot Laia Sanz, who participated in the CatalunyaRX in 2015 in the RX-2 category lands for the 10th year in which it is already her natural habitat. Laia will compete in the motorcycle category with her GAS GAS Rallye. Laia is looking forward to this edition after suffering a hell in 2019 having to compete with the aftermath of Q fever.
“I am grateful to be healthy at this point after the hell of last year. The virus has left a very long hangover and it is hard to get in shape, but I hope to be on top for the Dakar. In Morocco I have gone from less to more, the last few days I have found myself better. “

The RXstars Gerard Farrés, Nani Roma and Cristina Gutierrez return to battle against the dunes one more year.

The three drivers have been invited as an exception in the last two editions of CatalunyaRX, where they competed in the Car Cross category.
Farreti is at a high level in the SSV modality, fighting with the best and already with a stage victory under his belt, he will fight until the end to improve that 2nd position harvested in 2019.
“This year we are more prepared since we have worked on everything we did wrong in Peru with the aim of improving. From Saudi Arabia I hope to find a very hard Dakar, with a lot of navigation but where all the pilots will depart with the same navigation. It will be very important to manage the race at a tactical level so as not to commit any human error “

Nani Roma and Cristina Gutierrez face each other in the car category.

Nani is a fixture in the Dakar and has competed in all countries except 2008 of the famous raid. This year he will try to reach the top with his co-driver Dani Oliveras and his BORGWARD BX7 EVO. “The goals for me are always the same: win. We have to be aware that there are many new things in this next Dakar: the car, the team, the co-pilot and the desert. We have a sturdy car, we have to understand each other well with the co-pilot and then see how the equipment works. What I have clear is that if we start the stage every day and finish it without problems, in the end we will be ahead as we did last Dakar. “


Burgos Cristina Cristina Gutierrez travels to Saudi Arabia to play her fourth Dakar Rally, the second with Pablo Moreno as co-driver. “It is a new country, a new continent. After three years in South America we go to Saudi Arabia with renewed illusions. In South America everything was already very popular, you knew the terrain and more or less you could intuit what was going to happen. In this edition an atmosphere of illusion, uncertainty and much more adventure has been generated ”

These are some of the pilots that we will follow every day on our screens and computers. A Dakar that is already being led by one of our favorites, the former world champion of rally Carlos Sainz, and also a Dakar in which all the spotlights are focused on the Asturian Fernando Alonso, who debuted for the first time in which For many it is considered the toughest car test in the world.