El CatalunyaRX 2019 promete emoción y adrenalina.

CatalunyaRX 2019 promises excitement and adrenaline.

Excitement and adrenaline are breathed today in the CatalunyaRX. This is what can be expected from a weekend in which more than 80 races will be held on the track. The highlight of the weekend, the FIA World Ral·licross Championship, has started to warm up at the press conference this afternoon. In this appeared four of the protagonists of the weekend: Timo Scheider (Muennich Motorsport), Christopher Hoy (Christopher Hoy); Rokas Baciuska (ESmotorsport – LABA GAS); and Janis Bauman (Team STARD).
Timo Scheider arrives optimistically at CatalunyaRX. “It’s good to go back to Barcelona, a circuit that has always been good for me” he said. Scheider has strong reasons to be optimistic, and is that it is placed in the fourth position after the dispute of the first test in Abu Dhabi and you know what it is to get on the podium of the Circuit de barcelona-Catalunya. “We are between 12 and 14 participants with options to finish on the podium, so this year everything is tighter than ever” says Scheider, who is very clear about the tight level that exists this year on the FIA WorldRX grid.

Janis Baumanis confirms how tight the ranking is right now. Baumanis has been cautious about his options, and has said that “for the moment the goal is the semifinal, but with the mind set on the final, no doubt.” The Latvian has also explained the complexity of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, a tailor-made circuit for the most technical drivers on the grid. “It’s a difficult circuit, we find a curve after another curve and it demands a high performance”.

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