Conoce todos los pilotos del FIA WorldRX championship 2020.

Meet the FIA WorldRX 2020 drivers.

We already know all the riders who joined in the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship 2020 and the last minute confirmations have not disappointed. Since Monday, the flood of news about teams and drivers has been continuous, leaving a line-up of very high level drivers ahead of the 2020 FIA WorldRX season.

The week began with many new developments regarding the teams and pilots of the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship of 2020, with the first three official confirmations by the participating teams. The first to certify their presence in this year’s WorldRX were Guerlain Chicherit and Rokas Baciuska with their new team: GCK UNKORRUPTED, which will run with two Renault Clio RS RX, presented last Friday

Monday they added two more teams to this confirmed list, GRX Taneco and ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport. The first will have behind the wheel of the Hyundai i20 Supercar Niclas Gronholm and Timur Timerzyanov, and the Germans will take two Seat Ibiza RX with Timo Scheider and with the returned one, after being at the EuroRX, Rene Münnich.

The legend returns, Kristofferson returns

Johan Kristofferson has returned to Rallycross to try to get his third title. After a year of rest, he decided that it was time to return to the WorldRX, by the hand of the Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS Polo GTI RX. “It has been a complicated period. There have been many alternatives, but right now I feel really satisfied. Rallycross is in my heart, and all our energy and focus is now in the World RX,” Kristofferson explains about the decision to return.

Kristofferson is a myth of the world of rally, both in RX and the WRC, and this 2.020 returns to the grid to try to continue winning titles. The year 2017 and 2018 won the WorldRX in an incontestable way, achieving the last year 11 victories of the 12 World Cup events. Last year, the one of his rest, he ran the WTCC with some very good results in some of the championship events. As the season came to an end, rumors about the return of the Swede were growing. Rumors that have culminated with Kristofferson’s return to the modality that dominated intractablely for two seasons.

Timmy Hansen, the champion wants to revalidate the title.

The current Hansen brothers champions of the team championship and Timmy current world rallycross champion confirmed yesterday afternoon their participation one more season in the top category of the FIA ​​Word Rallycross Championship. After an absolutely epic season and a dizzying title fight with direct rival Andreas Bakkerud that ended with a happy ending for the Hansen family, the new season is just around the corner, and this time the competition will be greater than the of 2019.

Timmy and Kevin aspire to everything one more time, and knowing their history and their potential they will be firm candidates for the title in this new campaign. The Hansen family will continue to optimize the Peugeot 208RX that have been so reliable so far.

Bakkerud, for the joint world title to GCK and RX Cartel.

The Monster Energy RX Cartel, with Andreas Bakkerud and Liam Doran, stayed last year at the gates of glory. Bakkerud finished the WorldRX tied for points with Timmy Hansen, and the Swede took the title of champion for having won more races throughout the year. The two pilots will run with a Renault Megane RS RX when partnering with the GCK French team.

Bakkerud is cautious about the world title and proposes to go race by race. “I take my work very seriously; I know that I am here to win races and I hope I do well in the standings, but I respect this championship, since it is getting stronger and it will not be easy.” The Bakkerud and Doran team It is part of the GC Kompetition group, but maintaining the name of RX Cartel and Monster Energy.

Confirmation avalanche

From Monday to today, the ads of the teams have been dropping with droppers, until finally being able to close the WorldRX grid with 13 teams. The next team to formalize their driver and car was GCK Bilstein, who will run with the Swedish Anton Marklund driving a Renault Megane RS RX.

GCK Bilstein, part of the Guerlain Chicherit GC Kompetition group, was born to continue competing with the Megane RS RX, after Chicherit changed it for Clio RS RX with the creation of GCK UNKORRUPTED. So, Marklund confesses that “together with Bilstein, we made great progress last year and showed really good speed, and over time and the mechanical improvements of this winter we are ready to start in 2020 at full throttle.”

Robin Larsson climbs into the WorldRX after a spectacular 2019 EuroRX campaign, where he won four races and the European title, the Swedish Robin Larsson accepts the challenge and will run the WorldRX. Larsson had won the previous two editions of the FIA ​​European Rallycross Championship, and noted that it was time to try a new challenge. The Swede will continue with the JC Raceteknik team driving an Audi S1.

Larsson confesses that: “I am very excited to be able to participate in the WorldRX with a strong team and a good car. Last year, both me and Joel (team manager) had our best seasons, so continuing together will be special.” It must be specified that Larsson had run free WorldRX tests, but never an entire season as he will this year.