Circuit | FIA World Rallycross Championship | 22 i 23 of july


Asphalt, gravel and jumps. A combination that guarantees an awesome show.

These are the main characteristics of a Rallycross circuit. In this complicated discipline drivers must master their cars in very different grip situations, trying to beat each lap with the shortest time. In areas of asphalt riders have to achieve maximum speed while on grave they have to be very precise when sliding as the cars have no traction control. In the jump pilots take the most risk and offfer to the public the best show. Moreover, the joker lap adds a bit of strategy on it. The extra section, which all drivers must complete once in each race, creates a plus of excitement to the end of each race.

The BarcelonaRX circuit will be located in the area of the Stadium of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. It will have a total length of 1.133m and the Joker Lap will be 151m long. The track will have a 60,4% of termac and 39,4% of dirt. Here you can see a video with the design: